Spider Bites and Your Pets

For many people their pets – especially cats are dogs – are just like any other member of the family. They become like your children and the thought of anything happening to your beloved pets, such as an accident, is heartbreaking. One of the more common pests that can be found both within the home itself and outside in the yard are spiders. While some spiders are harmless to both humans and pets, other spiders are either harmful to both, or harmful to small pets specifically. Even the dose of venom administered by a relatively safe spider could be enough to cause grave illness or even death in a small dog or cat.

In some cases your pet may have an allergic reaction to the bite of a harmless spider, and this can cause severe complications in an animal. Alternatively, some spiders which are highly toxic to humans may not have as severe effect on a dog or cat. The common Redback Spider is one of the most dangerous to pets; because of their venom and the fact that they love living in suburban areas. Guinea pigs are most at risk to the bite of this spider. Cats are affected by the bite of a Redback more than dogs, however dogs are not entirely immune to this spider’s bite.

Symptoms Of Spider Bite

Symptoms will vary depending on the pet and the type of spider that bit it, but some common symptoms are:

  • Swelling
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Muscles tremors
  • Ragged breathing
  • Salivating at the mouth
  • Paralysis and death

What To Do If You Suspect A Spider Bite

First of all, don’t panic. Try and keep yourself and your pet calm and apply ice or a cold compact to the affected area to reduce the swelling and relieve the pain. If at all possible try and identify what type of spider bit your pet. As you can’t ask your pet this question and get an answer, the only way you would really know is if you saw the bite happen, or know what vicinity your pet was in when it was bitten and seek out the suspect. Take your pet to the vet immediately and let them know that you suspect a spider bite. Give them as much information as possible, including the spider species if you know what it is.

Kills Spiders Before They Harm Your Pets

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